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Proper nutrition



Let’s have a look at the cause-and-effect relation between obesity and diabetes. What could have possibly caused obesity? Poor quality of municipal service? No, such consequence was caused by food consumed unlimitedly and excessively. Obesity is followed by a whole armada of diseases such as diabetes, cardiac insufficiency, spinal curvature and many more. The psychological side with a plethora of its own illnesses can’t be denied either. Thus obesity creates not only physical, but also psychological discomfort which in the long run may kill a person. A person of sound mind will definitely want to correct the past mistakes and bring the physique back to normal. We will try to help you!

The process of handling such disease as diabetes is based on regular and strict diets, and although this method cannot possibly qualify for the miracle cure, it often helps to get rid of this troublesome disease.

Light diabetes can be cured with the help of proper nutrition. As for moderately severe and severe diabetes, proper nutrition should be obligatory during the whole course of treatment. It’s worth mentioning that diet shouldn’t be looked upon as medicine, in the first place it is a care not only for your health, but also for your body which is no less important than health.

Perhaps every educated person has asked himself/herself the question, why it is that people of the past century didn’t suffer from diabetes. The answer is quite simple, in the past century the daily calorage contained only 20-25% of fats. What can we discover nowadays? Due to fatty meals, the calorie intake has increased and compiles 40-60%! Besides, the norm of rich food in the calorage shouldn’t excess 30%.

Fats and carbohydrates

To begin with, let us have a deeper look into the chemical structure of our foodstuffs. Many people still have no idea that every product contains such components as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and microelements.

Carbohydrates are considered the main source of energy. Dieticians recommend that you should add low glycemic index products (good carbohydrates) to your diet. As they are consumed slowly the blood sugar level stays normal. All carbohydrates are represented as sugar but they vary in size and nutritive properties.

Processed products (cookies, sweets, non-alcoholic drinks and so on) contain ordinary sugar which is called saccharose. Such food is full of calories but it’s not nutritious. If one consumes such products excessively their organism won’t be able to process them and will turn them into fats. Complex carbohydrates contain sugar chains in their structure. In vegetable food such chains create starch. When the organism processes such a chain complex carbohydrates split into simple sugar. It’s worth mentioning that products with a formed chain of carbohydrates often contain minerals, vitamins, and some of them contain proteins.


According to popular studies, a patient with pancreatic diabetes is not recommended to consume too many fats. However, this rule concerns only animal fats, plant fats should be on the contrary included into the diet. It’s not advisable to use food supplements, especially those containing fish oil. It’s most preferable to eat salmon and mackerel 2 times a weak. Salmon flesh contains fat acids omega-3 which decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Remember that you should restrict yourself from consuming any fats if you suffer from excessive weight because your weight = your health.


All of us consume more proteins than we should. According to dieticians, all products containing proteins should fit into 1/5 of our plate. They also advise to consume 5 fruits or vegetables a day because they are rich in useful vitamins and cellulose.

Below we are going to mention the main rules of compiling the right diet. Remember that you should consult your doctor before going on a diet, do not compile it yourself! Every person needs an individual approach and it would be irrational to follow general rules to say the least. So we repeat again, before going on a diet consult a specialist not to do any harm to yourself, your organism and not to worsen your condition.

Main rules of nutrition

The first rule. It’s necessary to eat regularly, at least 3 times a day.

Food rich in cellulose (your organism should get no less than 20-30 gr of cellulose) with high grade of starch concentration should be included into your diet. This means such products as lentils, peas, bread from grouts and haricot. Such products don’t cause a significant increase of sugar in blood due to cellulose qualities which slow the process of glucose absorption.

You should minimize your consuming of products and drinks that contain sugar.

It’s obligatory to include vegetables and fresh fruits with the exception of sweet fruits to your diet.

Products rich in sugar and dried fruits should be consumed in small amounts.

It’s obligatory to control your consuming of products containing fats. Your daily menu should include no more than 10% of calories from fats.

It’s necessary to limit alcohol intake to moderate amount! This rule works not only for people with diabetes.

The acceptable dose of alcohol is a very interesting and disturbing issue, especially for men. It’s worth mentioning that liquors, sweet and semi-sweet wines should be forgotten until full recovery. They contain the highest percentage of glucose, which in excessive amounts is contra-indicated for people with diabetes. Semi-dry, dry wines and brut are allowed to drink up to the amount of 250 ml, in this case we are talking about drinking only a single alcoholic drink. Fortified wines are allowed to drink up to the amount of 150 ml, and strong drinks such as vodka, gin or ethyl alcohol are allowed up to 50 ml.

Products with high sugar level will tend to initially raise your blood sugar. Yet the balance is restored quickly through the insulin secreted by the pancreas.

Let’s try to compose an approximate daily menu according to the rules mentioned above.

The food pattern will be the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Supper
  • Meal before going to sleep.

Are you confused by this eating plan? You shouldn’t be since we advise you to use low-calorie food which can be eaten often and in small amounts. Thus our diet presupposes that you consume enough calories - 2200-2300 calories per day.

For breakfast your best choice would be low-fat cottage cheese with milk, buckwheat porridge and tea. For brunch – light snack such as fresh apples and bread. For dinner it’s preferable to eat vegetarian cabbage soup made of fresh cabbage with vegetable oil, boiled meat in milk sauce, stewed carrots and fruit jelly. For lunch it’s best to have some vegetables stewed in milk and rosehip tea. For supper you would like to have boiled fish in milk sauce, cabbage schnitzel and tea. It’s not obligatory to have a meal before going to sleep but if you want you may have some cultured milk foods.

As we have already mentioned above almost every product contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats. All of them together are called macroelements. Besides, products contain vitamins and minerals, so-called microelements. For your information, if you split all the products that you consume during the day into their components you will find out that you should get 55-60% of carbohydrates, 11-15% of proteins and 30% of fats every day.

Water is the third element in the structure of a product. We get energy from macroelements. Macroelements play a very important role in the support, strengthening and recovery of different parts of the body as well as of the whole body. Chemical processes in the organism are regulated by vitamins and   minerals. Some minerals play an important role in the formation of tissues, bones, teeth and blood of humans. The supply of liquid to the blood system is the main function of water.

Now that you are familiar with the main rules of nutrition you have a possibility to compose a diet for proper and healthy nutrition together with a dietician. Scientists have proven that balanced nutrition is a good and effective means of curing a lot of diseases including pancreatic diabetes. 

Food products should be looked upon not only as the main source of energy, carbohydrates or proteins, but also as a source of a complex supplier of biologically active substances which contain vitamins, hormones, microelements.

Important things to remember!

Every soup may be optionally substituted with garnish such as rice, noodles, potatoes and so on. The necessary amount should be evaluated in bread units. Soups as an addition to the main dish may be used only if you keep to a high-calorie diet. It’s worth noting that it’s very important to watch over the calorie content of soups if you use them without taking bread units into account. It should also be remembered that fruits and vegetables have rind that usually goes to waste, so the calorie content of a product should be calculated from the actual product.

To make salad it’s recommended to use several types of dressing. The first dressing is a mixture of vinegar and oil containing 1 tea spoon of vinegar or lemon juice, 1 tea spoon of oil, salt, pepper and lettuce. You may optionally add some spices if you wish. Yoghurt dressing contains ½ of the cup of fat-free yoghurt, a tea spoon of vinegar or lemon juice, salt, pepper and lettuce.

Remember that mashed potatoes are best cooked from freshly boiled potatoes or at least from potato flakes. Always use fat-free milk while cooking mashed potatoes. (100 gr of mashed potatoes = 1 bread unit)

Don’t forget that you can use plant fats to prepare meals. Meat may not only be fried but also cooked in a steam saucepan or even in aluminum foil which doesn’t require using fat at all.

As we have already mentioned above, when you calculate calories from fruits and vegetables you should take into account only the edible part excluding rind, peel and grains. You shouldn’t add sugar to frozen and tinned foods.

It’s allowed to drink coffee and tea with saccharine. You may put some condensed milk into your coffee. It’s also unnecessary to add sugar to natural fruit juices (around 1/8 = 1 bread unit).

Eat to your health and always stay healthy!

Simkina D.V.

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